Data Tracking

Tracking data and user behavior

One of the most important elements of digital marketing is the ability to be able to track the success of campaigns and all users.

Building ecosystems from data for improved targeting

Building ecosystems from data for improved targeting

We track every interaction in your customers’ user path to identify and analyze their behavior. Based on this analysis, we make more accurate and correct decisions to scale your brand.

Want to increase turnover and build stability?

Many businesses underestimate collecting the right data, and this leads to a waste of resources.

In order to collect the exact user data, we implement pixels and cookies and server level tracking. These are also the three main tools that track online user behavior across websites and provide insight into the content they are interested in and engage with.

Our strength is working with large data

  • Google Analytics 4
  • Tag Manager
  • Events based marketing
  • Funnel tracking
  • Funnel ratio dropdown
  • Surveys
  • Transactional Tracking
  • Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Observation
  • Online Tracking
  • Forms
  • Social Media Monitoring
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