eCommerce solutions


We implement strategies that increase the volume of potential customers

Our long experience in the field of e-commerce helps us work with confidence for each brand. We partner with over 80 companies in Bulgaria and abroad.

From strangers to loyal clients

We are developing omnichannel marketing campaigns

Our tailor-made strategies and approach help fast-growing brands to properly apply growth and customer acquisition methods that lead to large volumes of orders and generating large turnovers.

Overall brand and sales strategy

We create a marketing funnel based on your brand and consumers.

Analyzing and optimizing the marketing funnel from end to end achieves buyer conversion to the lowest possible price. We look at each stage of it and define a prioritization framework to derive as much profit as possible. Your KPIs will reflect higher ROAS, lower CAC and longer LTV.

We apply proven tactics in electronics
trading our way:

  • Growth hacking
  • Idea
  • Rapid
  • Landing page
  • Competitor
    & market analysis
  • Performance
    marketing & branding
  • Customer persona
  • SEO & Content
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